General Rules

  1. Entries only accepted from paid-up members
  2. Prints may be 'trade processed'.
  3. All components of all prints and projected images entered in a competition must be based on photographs taken by the member.
  4. Unless specified in the programme, the main components of all entries must be based on a photograph taken not more then 3 years prior to the competition. Named subject entries must have been taken since 1 January 2022
  5. A B&W print, which is toned with more than one colour will be classified as a colour print.
  6. An image may not be entered into a competition more than twice.
  7. An image that has been awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd place must not be entered again.
  8. Prints must be mounted, maximum size 20" x 16", but not framed; with the members name and the title or reference number placed on the back only. These titles must not be changed, and no information is to be shown on the front face of the mount.
  9. The Competition Secretary must receive digital images one week before the competition.
  10. Each competition round will be recorded separately.
  11. For each competition round the maximum marks per entry will be ten; half marks may be awarded. Only the entry with the highest mark will count towards the member's total score. If a member receives maximum marks for more than one image in a round, he/she may nominate which one is to count.
  12. For all competitions in the event of a tie, the title and trophy will be shared.
  13. In single round competitions, the judge will award no marks, but entries will be progressively eliminated until 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions are awarded.
  14. Any entry found by the Competition Secretary not complying with these rules will have its score deleted.

Specific Competitions

3 in 1 Cup

  1. Sets of 3 images. 2nd image to be completely within first frame and 3rd image to be completely in 2nd frame. All images should be taken from the same direction.

Harris and Jubilee Cups

  1. Your name together with the number of entries with titles of images must be notified to the Competition Secretary one week prior to the event.

SPS Jubilee Cup Theme Boards

  1. A maximum of 4 boards per member
  2. A mimimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 prints per board.
  3. Judging will be by the members present on the night
  4. Suitable boards can be obtained from the Range (84cm x 39cm).