Programme 2023/24

21 September


Mike Weeks


6 October

Anders 1 – “Open”

Browne 1 – “Landscape”

Judge: Barry Senior


19 October

3 Linked images - “Open”

Judge: Members

Outing Images - “Open”

Judge Bob Hollister


2 November

Nature and the Natural World

Simon Parvin


16 November

Pangbourne Cup – “Decay”

Shore Trophy – “Street photography”

Judge: Amanda Miller


7 December

Harris Cup – “Open”

Bichard Trophy – “Macro”

Judge: Paul Thackeray


21 December

Anders 2 – “Open”

Browne 2 – “Abstract”

Judge: Malcolm McNaughton


4 January


"Essays and competitions" - Members

New Year buffet


18 January

Dorset Cup – “Modern Dorset”

3 in 1 Cup – “Open”

Judge: Norman Wiles


1 February

In the footsteps of Ansel Adams

Speaker: Neil Legg


15 February

Anders 3 – “Open”

Browne 3 – “Still life”

Judge: Trevor Prince


7 March

Photography and memory

Peter Young


21 March

Ward and Purbeck – "Portrait"

Jubillee Cup – "Swanage in Winter"

Judge: Jim Pascoe


4 April

Theme Boards – Open

Ken Moore Trophy – Open

Judge: Members


18 April

Seascape, The Shoreline and the Deep

Emily Endean


2 May

AGM and presentation of Trophies



Images must be submitted to the Competition Secretary by email or disc/memory stick with each image title, saved as a jpeg in RGB at least one week prior to the meeting. Images should not exceed 1920x1200 pixels


Named subject entries must have been taken since 1 January 2019


Email address for competition entries: [email protected]